3rd Annual Dinner and trivia night

Support The Margo Miller Legacy Foundation's annual fundraiser, honoring childhood cancer awareness and Princess Margo's birthday.

The Margo Miller Legacy Foundation (MMLF) was established in 2015 in honor of our beloved Princess Margo. Our purpose is to share the light of Margo's Legacy and raise awareness for Childhood Cancer.

The MMLF exists to inspire people to "Do Something" and live a purposeful life! We continue Margo's legacy of inspiration by continuing to raise money for childhood cancer research, as well as offering one $3000 college scholarship each year to an inspiring high school graduating student. 


Donations to our Foundation are used to fund our annual Margo Miller Legacy Scholarship Fund. We also appreciate donations to St. Baldrick's Foundation on behalf of our "Brave Like Margo" team. 

Margo's followers have always been Margo's Minions... her friends & family that would do anything for her!

Princess Margo's family was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and help when it was needed most, that they and Margo's Minions now honor Margo's Legacy by making a difference in the lives of others

We hope our Princess Margo also inspires YOU to "Do Something"!

We hope you will join us in honoring #margoslegacy... 

Get involved in your community, follow a passion, find a charity to support, help those less fortunate or struggling... 

make a difference and live a life of gratitude and service.​

Do Something


Our precious Margo lost her 21/2 year battle with leukemia on 12/31/14 when she was 4 years old.

Throughout her treatment, we were amazed at how her strength, light, love and resilience inspired so many that had never even met Margo!

It was our focus on our GRATITUDE and not our despair that inspired so many. And of course... Margo's beautiful smile!

More specifically, Margo's journey inspired so many youth to DO SOMETHING! Children of friends held fundraisers and became involved in a passion for SERVICE.

WE, Margo's family, were inspired by YOU... Margo's Minions who all followed our princess's journey and loved deeper, hugged longer and gave thanks more often as you were inspired to live a life of GRATITUDE!

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